A reliable partner on your journey of Professional Development & Personal Growth

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Orbit Life Coaching

A reliable partner on your journey of Professional Development & Personal Growth

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Welcome to Orbit Life Coaching (OLC). We are at your Service whether:




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Welcome to OLC!

OLC- Orbit Life Coaching

At OLC, we are guided by the belief that each person’s life is unique and has particular, yet limitless solutions to different situations in life.

Our focus is on personal growth and development for people of different professions, careers, and occupations.

We trust that an individual can be creative with their life such that they can always think beyond one possibility and avoid being or feeling STUCK.
Therefore, our aim is to journey with you as you search for Possibilities to progress. We emphasize that your life has unique alternatives which you should look out for concerning everyday personal, work, and family life.

Rest assured … OLC is here to give you professional, credible, and transformative assistance! We care for your life, we care for your options! We will encourage and support you to take action to lead your life with confidence and focus. We will enable you to have reasonable personal leadership so that you are in charge of your life.

We understand that dealing with personal growth and development can be difficult, emotionally draining, a lonely journey and confusing, sometimes. You may not even know where to start or how to proceed!

We are at your service whether:


but in need of ways to get better or as the common saying ‘to move from good to better’ or ‘from good to great.’


You think your situation is tricky, you are worried, not sure about how to move forward, and you are looking for a way to make sense of what you are going through.


You have given up or are about to, because in your judgement, you are in a situation of stagnation, nothing seems to work for you, or you fail at whatever you begin.

The three are just our categorizations, and we understand that your situation could be a combination or a different case. Please let us know.

We focus on various aspects of personal growth and development like:

  • Making creative timely decisions
  • Using your skills and talents
  • Working or living in ‘difficult’ environments
  • Managing personal finances
  • Managing emotions
  • Keeping focus on your goals in all situations
  • Dealing with loss and disappointment
  • Setting personal and career goals
  • Knowing and practicing your personal values
  • Using appropriate verbal and body language
  • Having self-belief
  • Taking responsibility for the results of your personal decisions
  • Taking initiative
  • Aligning personal and career aspirations
  • Relating with different personalities of people at home or workplace
  • Dealing with abuse, be it physical, emotional, or otherwise
  • Confronting fears with confidence
  • Having a healthy life-work balance

The aspects above are crucial for personal ease and happiness. If you are unable to handle them, you are more likely to have recurring challenges in controlling your life. Failure to control your life meansother people and circumstanceswill instead control you. While external control may seem harmless in the short run, eventually you will feel overpowered, helpless, defeated, and possibly confused. Most, importantly, you will realise that you have spent your past life -time, energy and finances- doing less important things compared to your dreams and desires.

Join the OLC family today!

By the end of your engagement with us, you will have multiple benefits: clarity of your purpose, an awareness of options of choices to lead your life better than before, a clear understanding of your life at present with clear and specific ways to change for better, and more empowered self-talk to break free of self-sabotaging behavior. We can support you an individual or a group.